Site Plan NSW

  1. The information provided below serves as a summary of the requirements outlined by New South Wales (NSW).

Site Plan Requirements
A comprehensive site plan must clearly outline:

a. The precise location, boundary dimensions, total site area, and orientation (north point) of the land.
b. Existing vegetation and trees present on the land.
c. The positions and current uses of any existing buildings situated on the land.
d. Current ground levels concerning buildings and adjacent roads.
e. The positions and functions of buildings on neighboring sites adjacent to the land.

Drawing Specifications
In addition to the site plan, drawings must include:

a. The proposed location of any new buildings or construction projects (including extensions or alterations to existing structures), relative to the land’s boundaries and neighboring developments.
b. Detailed floor plans of proposed buildings, illustrating layout, room divisions, sizes, and intended usage for each section.
c. Elevations and cross-sections displaying planned external finishes and heights of proposed buildings (excluding temporary structures).
d. Elevations and cross-sections showcasing the heights of proposed temporary structures and the materials slated for their construction (referencing the abbreviations outlined in section 5 of the Regulation).
e. Proposed final ground levels relative to existing and planned buildings and roads.
f. Proposed parking layouts, vehicular entry and exit points, and provisions for vehicle circulation within the site, including appropriate dimensions where applicable.